Evening Standard Theatre Awards - just call me "Nostrastanus"
The Truth about Hamlet

In which Stan goes on holiday but introduces a guest writer...

IMGP1766Even a hardened theatre (and film) addict like myself needs a break once in a while.

The nosy-parker, can't-miss-anything in me is silently weeping at the prospect of a whole 10 days away but the lure of sun, beach, sea and nothing more techy* than my Kindle to keep me occupied is a bigger draw for health and sanity. 

But don't despair (not that you would) the lovely @polyg is taking up the reins and will be writing the occasional post while I'm away.

She's got lots of brilliant ideas and I'm already kicking myself for not thinking of them so enjoy, and write lots of nice comments, please.

And yes, I have pre-booked one of those deckchairs - I have to be on the front row, as you know. 

* OK that might be a fib, I'll have my iPhone and if I get hooked up to WiFi while I'm away there may be a tweet or two...