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A week of theatre announcements - but where are the casting details?

Can barely keep up with theatre announcements this week.  Firs was the Donmar announcing Josie Rourke's first season as artistic director - all looks interesting but I'm shallow and unless its a particular favourite of mine it's the casting that gets me excited and there is no news on that yet.

It's unusual for the Donmar not to at least have a big name lined up for each production. Wonder if the tickets will go on sale without the usual smattering of stars in place? 

And then there is handful of new productions at the National Theatre next year. Here we do have some casting and of course I'm excited about Anthony Sher in Travelling Light having seen him in Broken Glass in the summer. 

The only other play that stands out is She Stoops to Conquer which is one of those well known plays I've never seen. But it also has a smorgasbord of talent - Steve Pemberton, John Heffernan, HarryHadden-Paton and Sophie Thompson to name four.

Better tempt the credit card out from behind the dresser where it's been hiding since the RSC put it's new season tickets on sale.