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Thandie-Newton-as-Paulina-007What's on Stage has, as usual, done an excellent round up of the reviews of the new version of Death and the Maiden at the Harold Pinter Theatre. It sees actress Thandie Newton make her stage debut and when I saw it in preview I wasn't overly impressed but thought it might improve with more performances.

Well the critics, it seems weren't blown away either with most giving it three stars and Michael Coveney giving it just two. The Telegraph's Charles Spencer describes Newton as the weak link:

"Unfortunately the Hollywood actress Thandie Newton almost entirely misses the flayed intensity, horror and exhilaration that Juliet Stevenson brought to central character 20 years ago."

Julie Carpenter in the Express broke ranks and gave it four stars but nonetheless saw flaws in Newton's performance:

"Newton invests her with a detached sarcastic coolness but is perhaps a little too cool and is more effective in the moments she allows her pain to pierce through"

Click on the link above to see the WOS round up and links to the full reviews.

Image: Tristram Kenton