The review I've put off writing: My City
Michael Sheen's insane Hamlet

All Ham'let Eve

It seems like only yesterday it was a sunny Spring morning and I pegged it down to the Young Vic box office to book tickets for Hamlet because their website had crashed. The time has flown by, tomorrow is the night and the excited anticipation not lessened.

Rehearsal pictures have emerged of a scruffy-haired Michael Sheen and an interview too in which he talks about the play moulding itself to interpretation. It's one of the plays great attractions for me, seeing how different directors and actors interpret it.

Added curiosity comes in the form of an email from the Young Vic asking people to get to the theatre 30 minutes before the play starts to experience a "new way" into the Young Vic.

When I saw the Good Soul of Sechuan there a few years back, the entire auditorium was decked out like a warehouse complete with workers beavering away. We had to go back stage and then enter the auditorium walking across the stage (a strangely unnerving experience) in order to get to our seats. I'm wracking my brains to think of what else they could mean about a new way into the theatre other than dropping us one by one on wires. (If you've already seen it and know then please keep it secret.)

Tomorrow is also Hallowe'en and it seem wholly appropriate to be seeing a play in which there is 'murder most foul', ghosts, skulls and crazies  *evil laugh*.

Anyway, all this adds up to: I. Can. Not. Wait.