That was August in theatreland but what's in store for September?
Was Trevor Nunn's The Tempest worth the two hours sat on a cold step?

In which Stan tries to get Ben Whishaw a job at the Propeller Theatre Company

Dear Mr Hall,

You've got an all male Shakespeare company, right? Need any new actors?

Well just in case you do, let me introduce you to Mr Ben Whishaw. He's done a bit of Shakespeare, played Hamlet once, directed by Trevor Nunn - have you heard of him? And he donned moobs to play Ariel in a film of The Tempest which is like extreme cross-dressing.

He's also played Konstantin in The Seagull which everyone says is like Hamlet so that must count too.

Aside from experience, he's also quite slight of build so could definitely play girls (he'd be perfect for Juliet) and doesn't seem to eat much so would be cheap on tour.

But most of all he's keen. In fact he said he'd love to have a go at playing a female character in Shakespeare.

Please consider him for your Company. Everyone who works with him says he's really nice.

Yours hopefully

Rev Stan

PS If you need to get hold of him this is his agent