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Propeller's horrible history: Richard III

The Richard III trailer, no not the one at the Old Vic, the other one

Off to see Richard III at Hampstead Theatre tonight. It's the last of the Shakespeare plays I studied while at School/Uni that I've yet to see performed so I'm particularly excited.

I'm also curious to see how Ed Hall's all male cast works - although Richard III isn't renowned for its female characters. I've only seen a cross-dressing Shakespeare production once before - more than 20 years ago - when a man played Gertrude in Hamlet and it is a performance that lives indelibly on my memory for very good reasons rather than bad. So I know it can work incredibly well.

Despite having studied the play I'll still be doing a bit of swotting up as it's been a long time. And this trailer is a delicious teaser full of tension and drama and without plot spoilers, unlike the Arcola's Seagull trailer I wrote about last week.

And just in case you are wondering, yes I am seeing the Kevin Spacey Richard III at the Old Vic but not until August. I know some people are seeing both productions back to back which has its merits but I'm glad of the time lapse to give both a chance.