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Image As we were leaving the Vaudeville Theatre last night, my friend Kate said to me: "Well it was better than Pirates of the Caribbean." A reference to the fourth film, On Stranger Tides, which we'd seen together a few weeks earlier and been distinctly underwhelmed by.

And that probably sums it up quite nicely. The Flying Karamazov Brothers mainly juggle and occasionally play instruments and lark around a bit. They are very impressive jugglers and do some great musical interludes and one quite amusing ballet-themed one but at the end of the day they are a cabaret act and quite what they are doing on the stage of a big West End theatre in a run that is due to last until September I do not know.

Like a good fringe show they are fun but at 90 minutes even with the interval it feels stretched.  I think I'd be quite miffed if I'd paid any more than £10 for a ticket (prices are advertised up to around £40 for the best seats) but as the auditorium was barely half full I imagine it will be easy to get hold of good offers.

I do feel slightly mean because the four 'brothers' worked their juggling balls off to whip up the small audience and I'm sure with a bigger crowd it would have greatly added to the atmosphere. But ultimately this is fringe or a short run stop-gap between full blown productions and I think the Vaudeville will struggle to put significant numbers of bums on seats as a result.

It's getting three stars from me for the fun bits. Fellow theatre bloggers Glen Pearce and Ought To Be Clowns have also seen the show, click on the links to read their thoughts

Photo by Gavin Evans