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Frankenstein: The talk of the town

House_of_frankenstein_revive Every day, apart from Sunday's, queues form on the South Bank in anticipation of the National Theatre box office opening, some even camp out so eager are they to secure day seats for the Olivier's newly opened show Frankenstein.

Whatever you think of the play, it is the hot ticket in London this Spring and with names like Danny Boyle, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller attached it has also generated column inches or whatever the equivalent is online.

Here is just a selection of what people are saying about Frankenstein and what those in Frankenstein are saying

The interviews:

* The Times interviewed Boyle and Jonny Lee Miller in which the latter talks about the working relationship with Cumberbatch and whether he prefers playing Victor or the Creature. Boyle talks about some of the decisions he and script writer Nick Dear made in adapting Mary Shelley's novel such as giving the Creature back the voice that had been overlooked in so many previous adaptations.

The full version can be read here or if you aren't a subscriber to The Times Online website there are some extracts on this fan blog.

* The Metro also ran an interview this time with Boyle and Cumberbatch. The actor talks about the rigours of performing in the show, the context of the novel which has influenced the play and Victor Frankenstein's motives.

* This Guardian interview with the three has the two actors discussing how the rehearsal period evolved and 'borrowing' the best bits from each others performances.

* And if it is pics you are after there is a great selection of production shots, from both versions, in The Telegraph

What the bloggers say

* The West End Whingers approach their review with the usual wit and fun, worth a read for the following line alone: "There are two consecutive press nights next week so critics will be able to go and see this Frankenstein with knobs on and decide which of Ben & Jonny’s chunky monkeys is the more impressive."

Interesting to see the number of negative comments about the weakness of the play.

* Sans Taste is extremely erudite as usual and gives a good account of the adaptation and experience of watching: "I have heard audiences gasp before, but never before have I heard such genuinely terrified and prolonged screams in a non-pantomime as I did in the penultimate scene tonight."

* And if you want to hear some other bloggers including myself discussing the play you it is the final review on this week's As Yet Untitled Theatre Podcast

This list is just skimming the surface so if you come across an interesting article, do let me know and I'll add it. I haven't listed the professional reviews because you can get a good list of these on the AYULTP Frankenstein page (link same as before) as well as a good summary including an aggregated ratings over on

After all that if you are desperate to see Frankenstein and can't get a ticket or get to London, fear not because it will be broadcast live to a variety of multiplex and independent cinemas around the UK and Ireland in March.