Simm shines as Hamlet but there are still some dark corners
A hit, a palpable hit: Hamlet at the National

Who should play Hamlet next?

I've yet to see my second Hamlet of year - Rory Kinnear at the NT on Wednesday - so I am jumping the gun slightly, but a conversation @polyg and I had while we were in Sheffield to see my first Hamlet of the year, John Simm, and then this article from The Telegraph got me a thinking: Who should play Hamlet next? Or rather, as Poly and I discussed, who would we like to see play Hamlet?

Michael Sheen is due to play the Dane next year at the Young Vic but one big name Hamlet in the pipeline is never enough. Robert Gore-Langton's Telegraph article concludes by saying that current darling of BBC TV and a proven stage actor, Benedict Cumberbatch would be an obvious choice and also Tom Hollander.

Cumberbatch would certainly make an interesting Hamlet. He has proved he can do the hyper intelligent introspector in Sherlock Holmes but it was seeing him on stage at the National in Rattigan's After the Dance where he really shone as the depressed, aloof but ultimately needy David Scott-Fowler.

Tom Hollander I haven't seen on stage but he has done some good supporting work on the silver screen (big and small) although for me he will always be Mr Collins in Pride & Prejudice. Rediculous, I know, but sometimes I just can't shake a character off an actor.

But what would my choice be? Anyone who's known my blog since its Vox days will have noticed a bit of an obsession with young Hamlet's. It's been six years since Ben Whishaw took the role aged just 23 and I'm aching to see another young Hamlet and not just young at heart with a late 30's actor dressing young. 

So my choice, based on the fact that I saw his debut stage performance when he was 21 and he impressed me so much, when he was cast in the Saturday tea-time family series Merlin I had to watch and subsequently became addicted, is Colin Morgan.

He demonstrates such range and skill already at the age of 24, I think he'd do a pretty good job of the Prince. And of all the actors around at the moment I can't think of a casting choice that would have me more excited unless of course Mr Whishaw decided to do it again but I think there is as much chance of that happening as there is John Gielgud performing it again.