A hit, a palpable hit: Hamlet at the National
There will be no foolish wand waving in this theatre

Theatre travels

You'd think London with its Christmas-size Quality Street tin full of theatre treats would be enough to satisfy this fan but no. Not once, not twice but now three times in less than 12 months I am to venture out of this fair city to seek entertainment (I don't count Stratford as that is traditional).

I'm blaming @polyg who spotted that long time fav of mine Alan Rickman is taking to the boards in Dublin but also myself for egging her on to get tickets. So tomorrow we fly to Ireland to see a play, Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman at the Abbey Theatre. And then on Sunday we fly back. Oh the glamour.

Naturally I'm only going so I can tick Professor Snape off my list of Harry Potter actors I've seen on stage.