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A celebration of Celebrity (Autobiography) or David Tennant does Richard Burton

Images-3 Oh my, oh my what an evening's entertainment this one turned out to be. Celebrity Autobiography started out in New York, the brain child of Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel who thought of a genius, yet simple, way of mocking celebrity - by letting them tell their own stories.

How's it done? Well, and I'm aware this isn't initially going to sound that 'wow', they read excerpts from celebrities autobiographies. As we are told at the start, none of it is made up, it is entirely the celebrities own words. And it is hilarious. Never before have the over inflated ego's of celebrity been exposed in such an entertaining fashion.

From the likes of Britney Spear and Sly Stallone who publish the most unriveting and mundane accounts of their lives to Tommy Lee and David Cassidy who felt it necessary to commit to print details of some of their most intimate moments.

Quite simply they come across as really silly egomaniacs. Of course it is all in the delivery and that is the second thing that makes this concept genius. There is a rolling programme of narrators. On Wednesday night we were treated to Doon Mackichan, Sally Phillips, Dom Joly and yes Mr David Tennant (OK, I admit, it was seeing his name  that made me snap up a ticket) among others.

There are too many highlights to mention but I will always remember DT reading David Cassidy and his account of sleeping with the actress who played his sister in the Patridge family and then as Richard Burton, complete with Welsh accent. The latter was in an ensemble piece which performed extracts from not only the autobiography of the Welsh film icon but also those of Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. All the extracts related to the same period in the their lives giving an interesting and highly amusing variety of perspectives.

And I must also mention the extract about putting from Tiger Woods' autobiography which takes on a whole new level of double entendre's now that his infidelities have been exposed.

At the moment they only have five dates booked in at the Leicester Square Theatre (Stephen Merchant is one of the narrators for tomorrow night) but I can't imagine it not growing in success and garnering a longer run somewhere else.

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