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Theatre bloggers share their thoughts on Eartquakes in London

Since seeing the play last week and writing not too favourable a review I've been curious to read what others thought of this extravagant but ultimately bloated new play of Mike Bartlett's at the National Theatre.

Well press night can't have quite happened yet but fellow theatre bloggers have been tapping away and here are some of their views:

The good:

RemoteGoat gave it five stars commenting: "After lots of laughing throughout the evening, the ending is genuinely moving, though not mawkish. It was one of those few times when you leave a theatre, not simply having been entertained for a couple of hours, but feeling on a different emotional level."

SansTaste thought Earthquakes makes it worthwhile sitting through countless mediocre and unmemorable plays and like RemoteGoat thought it all "just worked".

The not so good:

The West End Whingers gave it three glasses of red commenting: "Yes, it’s ambitious, but there’s too much distracting window-dressing, some scenes just don’t work and you find it difficult to care much about the characters amid all the convoluted shenanigans."

Webcowgirl too had similar thoughts: "The fantastic staging is something I will remember for a long time; but the play itself, I’m afraid, will not, and for the talented cast and the teasing hints of an amazing storyline that was squashed flat in order to get a point across it’s all a damnable shame."

I'm really looking forward to Michael Billington and Charles Spencer's take. My money is on one three star review and one two star review.