Beauty Queen of Leenane, Young Vic - contender for favourite play of the year
Sweating Through a Glass Darkly, Almeida Theatre

October is Hamlet month

Hamlet_shakespeare Productions of Hamlet are like buses it seems. You wait for ages and then two come along.

First up will be the wonderful John Simm in Sheffield (can't believe I travelling to Sheffield to see a play, you'd think London had enough theatre - it's all Polyg's fault). Then just five days later it's Rory Kinnear at the National.

The last two versions of Hamlet I saw, excluding the recording of the Trevor Nunn/Ben Whishaw version I saw at the V&A Archives were Jude Law and David Tenant. I had to wait nearly a year in between but enjoyed weighing up the two productions side by side. The RSC/Tenant version just pipped it.

Just, I say, because Jude Law exceeded expectation. I couldn't seem him as Hamlet somehow and he managed to pull it off. Which is why I'm reserving judgement on Rory Kinnear.

He played Laertes opposite Mr Whishaw's Hamlet and so is getting a go at the lead. I've seen him in some Jacobean drama and he's put in good performances but Hamlet? I'm not sure he's a nuanced enough performer to give Hamlet the appropriate depth and complexity. Nicholas Hytner has the reins and he must see something in him to think he can pull it off so perhaps he'll do a Law.

Simm on the other hand I've never seen in anything from that period but I've seen him play a variety of roles and he has the delicacy of form that I believe is more suited to the role. So my money's on him being the most impressive.

And if the two productions weren't enough, I've just booked to hear Hytner talking about Hamlet in a National Theatre platform in between seeing the two plays.

Me? Like Hamlet? Nah can't stand it. Far too long and whingey. Ahem.