Rupert Goold's Romeo & Juliet, Courtyard Theatre, Stratford
Beauty Queen of Leenane, Young Vic - contender for favourite play of the year

Coming soon... but what should I see?

It's one of those crunch times in the theatre calendar when new seasons are announced and those of us who like to be close enough to see the sweat on the actors' brow have to break out the diaries and credit card.

But there is sooo much choice. So much choice, it's making my brain spin just thinking about it. Here's what I'm considering - any recommendations greatly received:

National Theatre

Hamlet with Rory Kinnear in the lead directed by Nicholas Hytner. It's my favourite play and the play I've seen the most. Always curious about interpretations, delivery and staging. Pretty much a given this one.

Men Should Weep by Ena Lamont Stewart is, according to the synopsis, about a large, poor family living in a tenement and their trials and tribulations. Sounds really interesting but down side is it on at the Lyttleton which I don't really like as theatre.

Prince of Denmark a new play by Michael Lesslie about Hamlet, Laertes and Ophelia 10 years before the events of Shakespeare's play. I'm currently reading John Updike's Gertrude and Claudius, what can I say, I'm fascinated by anything Hamlet related.

Hampstead Theatre

Tiger Country by Nina Raine who is described by the Guardian as "one of theatre's brightest talents". Play is set in the high pressured, sexually charged hospital environment.

Ecstasy by Mike Leigh and as a fan of his films this one screams out at me to watch it. Have never seen one of his plays before either.

Young Vic

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams has got to be high up on my list. Studied Streetcar at unit and saw The Rose Tattoo at the National Theatre a year or two ago. Really want to see more of his work.

Vernon God Little is one of my favourite books and I enjoyed the play when I saw it first time around. Colin Morgan made his professional debut and was pretty impressive. He's gone on to do quite a bit of telly including Stan favourite Merlin.

I am the Wind by Jon Fosse about two life long travelling companions looks really interesting.

And that's as far as I've got so far. Any other recommendations?