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Riverside Studios: Hens

OK so Hens is the second play I've seen in the Sky Arts Playhouse Live season (3rd in the series as I missed the first). It's by Alia Bano and is about a Hen weekend in Paris. Bridezilla has planned the weekend to the enth degree and not everyone is enjoying it.

It's a play about friendship, loyalty. Growing up and growing apart as responsibilities change. And I don't know what else to say about it really. It was mildly funny in places. Predictable in others: they fall out, make up, there are some revelations that aren't that revelatory.

The acting is fine enough. It's mildly entertaining. And that's about it, it wasn't terrible at all but it wasn't wow.

(That was one of those 's'ok' plays and thus difficult to write about reviews, could you tell?)