Review: Holding the Man, Trafalgar Studios
Review: Mark Haddon's curious Polar Bears *plot spoilers*, Donmar Warehouse

Ben Whishaw's Hamlet - A dream comes true

Arts-graphics-2008_1128919a Yes it is true. There is a recording of Mr Whishaw's Hamlet at the Old Vic and I'm going to see it.

I can hardly believe it but at the end of the month I'm booked to see the recording, made in July 2004, at the V&A theatre archive in Hammersmith and to think that only a week ago I didn't believe such a thing existed let alone that it is available to watch.

And if that wasn't enough excitement for Stanley for one day, off I toddle to the Donmar to see Polar Bears and it's only him sitting in the row in front of me.

It was worth swapping my stalls tickets for my boss's circle tickets after all.

I'll be writing up my thoughts on Polar Bears in the next couple of days, just as soon as I come down from floating somewhere near the lamp shade.

Image: Alistair Muir